USAF Vet Bottomed Out Then She Became A Shining Star

A Life of Purpose. What’s yours?

Here’s the story as told through her poem, that starts out about her sitting at a railroad crossing pondering her purpose in life and suicide. Then, giving herself permission to live!  Your brief mission: watch her video story before you leave this post.

U.S. Air Force vet and trainer of companion dogs for vets, De’ has found incredible support and mentoring with her business family.

De Parker in car De Parker would have died by suicide
De Parker re-enlisting De Parker USAF LS Associate
Poem Reciting at LegalShield international event legalshield-change-starts-with-you-de-parker

Watch her story change from contemplating death to helping change the lives of others.

If you don’t have speakers or can not watch the video here is the poem she wrote, which she reads in the video:


by De’ Parker

I come from a household where I looked just like the man that cheat, beat and walked out on my mother. My mother’s favorite child was my brother.

I was the daily reminder of my mothers broken dreams. I received the retaliation my father wasn’t there to receive, so I joined the Air Force. Not to serve my country, but to run away and hide. But 8 years later I learned that at least 18% of combat vets die by suicide. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a silent yet effective assassin.

And I’m not sure if you remember memorial day weekend 2011.  But let me tell you what happened directly before you happened to call.

I had deliberately, calmly and purposely decided I would fall. Research had revealed that the train track barrier where 91st Avenue meets Grand had a 3 second delay.

First I would have a conversation with God, then I would be on my way. I was broken, shattered, tattered and every other word you could use to describe beyond hope. So I prayed in the parking lot of Home Depot:

“God you created the world in 7 days, if you wanted to you could save my life. I’m 26. I was suppose to already be Korie’s wife. So I’m willing to do things your way, I can change. I’m willing to give up. I will never question the orders if you just send me someone who can teach me what to do.”

My phone rang and it was you.

You said you were having a little cookout with some of your mentors and you wanted me to meet them because they changed your life. Probably saved it.

I realized that in my darkest hour I asked God for a way out and he gave you. You took me from an immature girl to a young lady. I went from a life with no hope to a small glimpse of maybe. From a small glimpse of maybe to having hopes and dreams.

Suicide thoughts and low self-esteem turned into undefeatable, just look at my team. You taught me to make peace with my past so that my future happiness could last. You tailored me into getting Korie back. Come to find out he still adored me.

I know I say I want to be like you all the time. I mean more than the kindness, the communication, entertainment and all that you have to give. I mean I want to be so inspirational people give themselves permission to live.